The Thirst Is Real

So we all know that person. That one guy or girl that’s always on the hunt for a new boyfriend/girlfriend. The one that seems to be always flirting with somebody. And hey, no judgment here; I used to be that guy. We(or at least I) refer to these people as “thirsty”. But I’m about to hit all y’all with some knowledge. All of us are thirsty.

Now you may be saying, “Zach, I’m so well hydrated, I could be in a Gatorade commercial. I’m not thirsty.” But you would be mistaken, dear reader. See, what the people we call “thirsty” are looking for is something that we all desperately want. And that is to know and be known.  That’s what everyone to some extent is looking for. It’s what I’m looking for. And I’m not going to find it in another person. I hope to be married someday but no matter how amazing my wife is, she will never quench the thirst that I have to be fully known.(Also, let us pray for that poor woman. She has no idea what she’s in for.)

The only person who can quench that thirst is Jesus. And I actually heard all of your eyes rolling at how cliché that last sentence was but it’s so true y’all. Nothing on this earth can satisfy like knowing and being known by him. Now if you grew up in the church like I did, you may be saying, “Well duh, Jesus knows me but of course he does because he’s omniscient and all-powerful and *insert churchy catchphrase here*” And that’s definitely true. But do you live in that?

Y’all, Jesus knows every crevice of your messed-up soul; every corner of your heart that you hide from everyone. And he is still madly in love with you. Y’all. That’s crazy. And knowing him? The Creator of the universe wants us to get to know him. He wrote a 66-book love-letter for the sole purpose of helping us do just that. And like, he’s God, y’all. Kind of a big deal.

So finding that special someone, that’s cool and everything. But a Special Someone came and died for you and wants to know you and wants you to know him. And that’s pretty awesome y’all. I know for me, the thirst is real.


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