Do You, Boo Boo

Everyone has an ideal of the person they want to be. We have a list of traits and characteristics that we wish we had. Maybe you wish you were more outgoing. Maybe you wish you were a better leader. Maybe you wish you were a little bit taller, you wish you were a baller, you wish you had a girl who looked good, you would call her.(Just me? Oh.) But no matter what it is, I feel like we all have things about ourselves that we wish were different.

Not only do we wish we could change things about ourselves, but we all know that one person who is everything we aren’t. Maybe he’s super outgoing. Maybe she’s a great leader. And we compare ourselves to those people. We look at them and think, “I could never be as awesome as they are.” And therein lies a dangerous trap.

I definitely think we should take stock of ourselves and change things that need to be changed. I think we should look at people who do some things better than we do and learn from them. But where this becomes dangerous is when we begin to think that because we are different than others, we are somehow lesser than they are. But there’s more than one way to skin a cat, y’all(which is also great advice if you ever wanna get into taxidermy).

That’s something I’ve been learning throughout this semester. I’m a small group leader at a campus ministry called Freshley. Yes. I realize it’s my last name. Anyways, my co-leader is this awesome bro Jared. Jared is Godly, outgoing and has like 17.8 million friends, acquaintances, and fans. Did I mention he plays Division 1 football? Single-file line, ladies. Anyways, Jared is also super charismatic and a great people person. Those are both things I am not. So when we first began leading our small group, I was super discouraged because I felt like I didn’t connect with the guys in our small group as well as Jared did. I wasn’t as active in our discussions. In short, I felt like I wasn’t “leading”.

But as the semester went on, I began to realize something. Just because I lead in a different way than Jared does, it doesn’t mean I’m not leading. Just because I connect with people differently, it doesn’t mean it’s better or worse than any other way. As we got deeper into the semester, I realized that I didn’t necessarily need to be the one doing everything during small group time. Both of us could lead in ways that fit us as individuals. When I came to accept myself and how I lead, it was so freeing.

We’re all created differently. We each have strengths and weaknesses. No one personality type is better than another. No set of strengths is better than another. That person who you think is so awesome could be looking at you, thinking, “Man, I wish I was like you.” So do you, Boo Boo. Do you.


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