How To Avoid Christmas Break Blues

Ahh Christmas Break. That wonderful oasis between the semesters of the school year. You get to see family and friends. You don’t have to worry about waking up for that 8AM class anymore. Life is good. However, in the midst of this time of relaxation, laziness can creep in. I understand that the semester was hard and finals were brutal. And I’m probably going to indulge in a hardcore Netflix sesh or two over the break. But a lot of times, the area we are laziest in is our relationship with God.

Hopefully, you have found a community of believers at your school. Perhaps you go to the services every week or are involved in a small group. Maybe you even have a leadership capacity. The point is that while you’re at school, you surround yourself with people who love Jesus and who bolster you in your faith. But when you come home, maybe that’s not the case. Maybe you don’t have a strong church family at home. Maybe you don’t have the Christian community you have at school.

It’s easy to put your relationship with God on the back burner while you’re at home. You get around your old friends and things tend to go back to the way they used to be. I know that happens to me a lot. I didn’t start loving Jesus ’til I got to college. So my friends I had in high school didn’t know the Zach who had been changed by the love of God. They expect me to act how I used to act. So I definitely understand that it’s tough to come back to people who knew the old you. It’s tough to stop doing the things you used to do with the people you’ve always done them with. I struggle with that on the reg. But I think the key is to realize that while you’re on break from school, God’s not on break from shaping you into the person you were created to be. He’s still working, y’all. God doesn’t need you to be in certain city or in a certain service to work in your life. You just have to be willing to let Him work.

So while you’re on break, I’d challenge you (and myself) to be super intentional about having some Jesus-time every day. Read the Word. Spend time in prayer. Stay connected to the people who help you grow in your faith. Christmas break doesn’t have to be a time where you struggle to barely stay in the same place in your relationship with the Lord. It can be a time of tremendous growth and a launching pad into next semester.


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