Just Keep Writing

So I’m writing a blog post about writing blog posts. Blog-post-ception? Totes.

So I feel like about a month ago, everyone started writing a blog. Maybe you have one. Maybe you started it because all your friends did and it seemed like it’d be fun. I mean, that’s part of the reason I started mine. And it was pretty fresh for a little while. You felt really cool when people read your stuff. But then maybe you kinda forgot about it over Christmas break. You put it on the back burner. You lost motivation. And despite your best intentions, you stopped writing.

Now, if your main goal for starting a blog was to get a lot of views and have people think you’re cool, then you have the wrong attitude in the first place. Once you run out of “trendy” topics to write about then you’re up a creek. I mean, you can only write so many “12 Steps To Godly Dating” articles. So if you’re just writing a blog ‘cuz it’s the trendy thing to do…don’t.

But hopefully, the reason you’re writing is because you have something to say. And if that’s the case, I encourage you to keep writing. Maybe you haven’t written in a few weeks. That’s fine. Just start writing. Maybe the topic you have on your mind isn’t “hip”. Doesn’t matter; just start writing. Maybe only like 6 people read your blog. So? Just start writing. Hopefully you can sense a pattern here. Just write.

Everyone has something to say. And for some people, blogging is the best way to say it. Personally, I’m not the best at articulating my thoughts and feelings into spoken words. But it’s easy for me to write them. So, I write. I write because I have things to say and this is the best way for me to get them out. So if you’ve got stuff to say, say it. If you’ve got stuff to write, write it. Don’t be discouraged if you haven’t written in a while. (Just pretend you went on a hiatus like Fall Out Boy and now you’re back.) But do it because you have stuff to say.


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