The Rescuer

Story Time!

Imagine you’re all alone in a mountainous wilderness. It’s bitterly cold and snow is falling heavily. You’re hungry and tired and have no idea where you are. All you can do is wander around in an attempt to get somewhere; anywhere. Suddenly, you feel yourself slipping and falling. You’ve stumbled off the edge of a huge cliff. You manage to grab the edge of the cliff and are now hanging off the edge. You try to pull yourself up but to no avail. Your hand starts cramping and you begin to slip and fall.

Out of nowhere, someone grabs your hand and pulls you out of danger. You breathe a huge sigh of relief and begin to thank your rescuer again and again. He smiles at you and beckons you to come with him. You follow him and he leads you to a cabin. He gives you warm clothes and food and tells you that you can stay as long as you want. He shows you to a bedroom with a cheery fire crackling in the fireplace. He bids you goodnight but before he leaves, he tells you not to leave the cabin until morning. You nod and agree. It seems reasonable. And besides you’re warm and cozy. Why would you ever want to leave?

The door closes and you’re alone in the room. You lay back on the soft bed and are perfectly content. But then you start to wonder, “Why won’t he let me go outside until morning? Is there something better out there that he doesn’t want me to know about?” You mull that over in your brain a little bit. You try to put it out of your mind. “I’m sure he has a good reason.”  You look around your room again before you try to go sleep. “Wow, this room is so small. I remember when I was outside, I had no boundaries. I could do whatever I wanted. Who does this guy think he is; telling me I can’t go outside?!” Angry, you leap out of bed and storm out of the room. You march towards the front door and see your rescuer standing between you and the door. Your eyes meet. Love, sorrow, and pain are mingled in his eyes and voice as he begs you not to go. But all you can think about is the freedom that you want, the freedom that he is taking away from you. So you push past him and go out the door. The wind howling and the snow is falling thicker than ever. The cold is bone-piercingly bitter. And as you stumble onward into the night you say to yourself, Finally! I can do whatever I want. I don’t need that guy and his silly rules. I can do just fine on my own.”  

You continue your trek through the wilderness. Suddenly, you stumble over a tree root and twist your ankle. You let out a scream that pierces through the darkness as you crumple to the ground in pain. You can’t get up. You can’t go on.

Night turns into morning and you’re at the end of your strength. You hear something coming towards you. You almost hope it’s a wild animal coming to finish the job that the cold and exposure have started. Then you feel strong hands picking you up and cradling you. You look and you see it’s your rescuer from the night before. His eyes are tired and there’s snow and ice in his beard. Clearly, he’s been out all night looking for you. He doesn’t say a word as he starts to carry you back to his cabin. He remains silent as he bandages your ankle and wraps you in warm blankets. Shame washes over you in waves as you begin to realize that it was for your own good that he told you not to go outside the night before. Tears begin to trace paths down your face as your body is racked with sobs.

He sees your tears and gently wipes them away. This makes you feel even worse and suddenly you can’t take it anymore.

“Why?,” you burst out. “Why would you do this for me? After what I’ve done, after-” You choke up and can’t finish.

He smiles at you and says, “I did it for the same reason I saved you from the cliff. I did it for the same reason that I’ll do it again and again. I did it because I love you and you’re Mine.


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