God Is Not Fair

God isn’t fair. It’s true. Now before y’all grab your torches and pitchforks and proceed to brand me as a heretic, let me explain.

If God treated us fairly, we would all be headed for an eternity of utter damnation in Hell. If God treated us fairly, he wouldn’t forgive us for spitting in his face by sinning against him. If God treated us fairly, he wouldn’t have given us the Holy Spirit. And if God treated us fairly, he most certainly wouldn’t have sent his only son to die an excruciating death in our place.

God is perfect. He can’t stand sin. Humans are inherently sinful. So God has every right to send us to hell. He has no obligation to bless us. There is no reason for God to love us. But guess what y’all? God chooses to love us. And not only to love us, to love us with wild abandon. He loves us so much he sent Jesus to humble himself by becoming one of us and then dying the worst death imaginable in our place.

Then if that wasn’t enough, he gives us the Holy Spirit to live inside of us. He gives us the opportunity to live in an abundance that we in no way deserve. He gives us the opportunity to hear from him. Not only that but he desires to speak to us. He wants to hear about every intimate detail of our lives. He wants to know our struggles and triumphs. Like, let’s not rush past that. The most powerful Being in the universe cares that you failed your Econ quiz. That’s cray y’all.

And after all God has given us, sometimes we still sin. Sometimes we say, “Thanks God, but no thanks. I’m gonna do this my way.” And when that happens, God would have every right to turn his back on us. But he doesn’t. He is just waiting for us to ask forgiveness and when we do, he gives that forgiveness freely. He doesn’t say,”I would forgive you, but this is like the 178th time sooooo….” He keeps no record of past wrongs.

Y’all. We serve a God who is the embodiment of love. I don’t know about y’all, but that gets me so pumped. He is so good. So yeah, I’m pretty stoked that God doesn’t treat us fairly. I’m so glad that God decided to love us and make us his children. That’s so unfair and I couldn’t be more grateful.


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