Tasted and Seen

I recently got an iPhone. And let me tell you; it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. I think I’m in love, y’all. I mean, a lot of my friends have iPhones and I’ve played around with them before. But having one of my own puts the experience on a whole new level. I’ve tasted and seen of the goodness that is iPhone.

In the same way that I have a better appreciation for how awesome the iPhone is now that I have one, I have a better appreciation for the Lord’s goodness because I’ve experienced it. I’ve heard stuff all my life about how good God is and how it feels to be in the center of his will. But for the first time in my life, I feel like I’m really experiencing it for myself. I’m closer to the Lord than I’ve ever been and I really believe I’m walking the path he has laid before me.

I’m not saying that everything is easy. Life is still hard sometimes. I’m not saying I’m super-holy. I have days where I still live in the flesh. But overall, I try to live in the Spirit. And it’s so much better, y’all. So you can read these words and say, “That’s cool.” and leave it at that. But check it. You can experience the Lord’s goodness for yourself. Give yourself over to him and you can taste and see that he is so, so good. I encourage you to seek his face and to not be content just hearing about his goodness but to experience it for yourself. He wants you to. His desire is for you to live in his abundance. So dive into his word. Spend time with him. He’s so worth it.


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