“Hiding Places” Review

The two things I love the most in this world are Jesus and music. When those two are put together, the end product can be pretty sweet. A buddy of mine recently put out an album that did just that. Hiding Places, Andrew Huang’s debut album, puts a fresh spin on themes that are as old as time. 

The lyrics on the album are raw and honest. They never feel formulaic or cliché, but are the cry of a heart that is asking for God to enter a life that so desperately needs him. My favorite songs on the album so far are “Wax & Stone” and  “Let You In”. Both of them speak about letting Jesus change your heart no matter where you are or how you feel. One of my favorite lines in “Wax & Stone” is, “Can you make a noble son from deserted earth?” And the awesome thing is that the answer is always “Yes.”

The lyrics are placed over a lush soundscape that draws from many different influences. The album goes from piano ballads to guitar driven songs to songs with electronica influence. The music never feels like it’s trying to do too much but is effective in setting the mood for the songs. Each song is both self-contained and part of the larger narrative of the album.

Basically, y’all need to go buy this album. It’s a great listen and so worth it.

Buy it on iTunes here


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