Why? That’s probably one of the questions I ask the most. I like to know why things happened the way they did. That’s probably why I’m so fascinated by history. Learning why things are the way they are now is so interesting to me. If you tell me about something that happened, I’ll probably ask you why. “Why” is a great question. It takes us past just accepting things as they are. It allows us to go deeper. “Why” is good. It’s also one of the questions God seems to answer the least.

When something goes sideways in my life, I go running to God asking, “Why?” I want to understand the events in my life. Most of the time, God is silent when it comes to giving me the reasons behind the events in my life. And to be honest, it sucks. I freaking hate it. I’m kind of a control freak so I want to know why things happen so that in the future, I can ensure a better result. But the thing is, if I knew exactly why my life unfolds as it does, I wouldn’t be living by faith.

Everybody knows Romans 8:28. All things work together for the good of those who love him, right? But when things don’t go exactly how we want them to, we rapidly forget that promise. We want the verse to say, “All things work together exactly how I want them to.” SPOILER ALERT: Life never goes as planned. That’s just how it is. So we have two choices. We can freak out and worry our faces off about our circumstances. Or we can truly believe that God is working things for our good.

It’s not easy to believe God has our good in mind all the time. Sometimes, it looks like there’s no way a certain situation could be for our good. It’s not easy when you or a loved one gets sick. It’s not easy when you don’t get into that major you wanted. It’s not easy when you get hit with the emotional equivalent of a Todd Gurley stiff arm. But when crap hits the fan, you have to hold on to the truth that God is working things out for your good. He truly has your best in mind.

Peace and blessings, y’all. I’m headed to Jamaica, mon so I’ll see y’all in like 9 days. lylas xoxo


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