God Is A Good Dad

So a lot of times, I feel like we have the wrong idea of God. We view him as this Ebenezer Scrooge-type God who only blesses us when we beg and beg for a long time. We feel like we have to convince him to speak to us. We feel like we are one wrong step away from incurring his wrath. But check it. We couldn’t be more wrong.

God loves us…a lot. He loves us more than we could possibly imagine. He loves us more than Kanye loves Kanye. He sent his son to die a brutal death just so he could give us the chance to know him. He longs to speak to us. He longs to give us everything we need. Yet we’re afraid to talk to him. And if we do talk to him, we come to him with the attitude of “Well, he probably won’t answer my prayer anyway.”

Y’all. God is freaking in love with you. He thinks you rock. He knows what’s best for you and wants to give it to you. In Luke 18, Jesus tells The Parable of The Persistent Widow. Basically, this widow keeps asking for justice from this corrupt judge. Eventually the judge dispenses justice; not because he’s righteous but because he wants the widow to leave him alone.

Check it. God is not a corrupt judge. We don’t have to wear him down in order to get him to move on our behalf. He is a loving and gracious Father who has our best in mind. So when we ask God to speak to us, we can ask with the knowledge that God longs to speak to us. When we ask him for stuff, we can know that while he may not answer our prayers exactly how we want, he knows exactly what’s best for us. God is such a good Dad, y’all. And once we grasp that, so much joy and freedom is unlocked.


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