What 2nd Grade Kids Taught Me This Summer

Freshley’s back, back, back. Back again.

No but seriously, I’ve missed writing so much and I’m super glad to be back. So the reason I haven’t written in about 3 months is because I spent the summer working at a camp out in Texas called Pine Cove. It was a fantastic experience and if you ask me about it, I’ll talk your ear off but anyways that’s the reason I haven’t posted in a while. But the reason I mention that is because it provides a pretty sweet transition into what I want to talk about.

So this summer I worked with kids in the 1st-6th grade age range. It was incredibly fun and rewarding but also incredibly challenging. One of the things that drove me crazy was when I gave the kids a simple instruction and then they would ask me why. I would say, “Alright kids, grab your backpacks.” and they would say, “But why do we need our backpacks?” And inwardly I would be like, “Little Johnny, just obey me. I know what I’m doing.” Because I knew that we were about to head to the water slide so they needed their bags so that they could change into their bathing suits. But they didn’t know that. And because it didn’t make sense to them, they would question me. And sometimes they would disobey because they didn’t see a logical reason for them to do what I had asked. And that frustrated me to no end. But here’s the thing: we do the same thing with God. All.The.Time.

Just like I had the schedule for camp and knew what was coming up next, God has the schedule for our lives and he knows exactly what moves we need to make in order to make the most out of our lives. But oftentimes, we say, “Yeah God, how ’bout no. I think I got this one.” And we completely blow God off because the things he wants us to do are “inconvenient” for us. Yeah, it may have been inconvenient for my 2nd graders to carry their backpacks. But their annoyance was more than compensated for when they got to go on the water slide. Y’all, God doesn’t tell us to do stuff just for the heck of it. Everything he tells us to do is for a purpose. Even the things that are hard. Even the things that are counter-culture. Even the things that seem downright sucky. Everything he does is for our good. And when we truly believe that, we begin to dive into the fullness of what God has for us.


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